Dealers Sales Agreement

Factory-Links is a brand owned by MKBS Inc.                  MKBS Inc


By becoming a dealer of Factory-Links products. we create a joint and mutual responsibility to conduct sound, honest and customer service oriented business. You expect us to provide you with sales support, on time product delivery and follow up service on our products. In return we anticipate, expect, and require that you support MKBS Inc, its products Factory-Links and its good name in the market place.

In order to maintain a dealership “in good standing” with MKBS Inc, dealer agrees to:

  • Generate the necessary volume of sales
  • Support the company’s good name and goodwill created by its products
  • Maintain and adhere to the Suggested Retail Discount Policy outlined in this document


Dealer is and shall remain at all times an Independent Contractor as defined by the I.R.S. MKBS assumes no and creates no liability, responsibility or commitment about the business of the Dealer with this agreement.


Dealer is the first line of service to the customer for MKBS. As a team we shall satisfy all reasonable customer demands or requests. Dealer shall be the point of contact for their customers on delivery schedule, order modification etc.

MKBS shall replace free of charge any item found to be defective upon receipt of, and as a result of inspection by the Dealer. The item(s) shall be returned with written instructions as to defect to manufacturer’s facility or as directed by manufacturer.


Customer satisfaction is paramount at MKBS. By becoming a dealer, you agree to honor that obligation and make it a company priority. If a customer is dissatisfied with a product or no longer desires a product because of the information contained on the packaging seal, within 15 days of purchase they may be entitled to a refund of the purchase price. Refunds and exchanges are handled through the Dealer that originated the transaction, not directly with MKBS. Before a refund can be issued to a Dealer, prior approval must be obtained from MKBS. The product in an un-used condition along with a statement outlining the cause from both the customer and the Dealer shall be returned to factory.


All dealers are free to price kits at whatever price they choose. However, MKBS, Inc. in its discretion, may not supply kits to dealers which MKBS believes will sell, have sold or will allow to be sold by sub-dealers, at a price below the Suggested Range of Retail pricing listed on MKBS’s Dealer Price list.

All sales on Dealers behalf to sub-dealers create the responsibility that the Price Policy is adhered to by the sub-dealer. Violations by the sub-dealer pass upward to the Dealer and subject the Dealer to termination of shipments. To be considered a sub-dealer under this agreement Dealers purchaser must maintain a business license, a regular parachute equipment sales organization or other normal business tools. The final selling price, or the price that will or would be taxed at the state level must fall within the Suggested Retail Pricing. Any attempt to circumvent or avoid this policy will constitute grounds for termination of this agreement.

MKBS, Inc. will aggressively investigate, document and conduct research to ensure that this policy is maintained and the name and value of our products is preserved.

Terms of Sale

All orders will be shipped COD or prepaid. Prepayment by personal check will be accepted with prior approval. Open account credit purchases are NET 30 and are contingent on credit approval. Any failure to meet payments on a timely basis will result in future orders being shipped COD or prepaid. All shipments are FOB warehouse.